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2003.Aug.04 22:00 (120minutes, Danny's, Monday @)
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Jamie Hodge...
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In Love With Funkstörung remix
Additional Productions
Tadley Management
Planet µ
Panaria Is In Bukarest 2000
Death Medley
Bpitch Control
One Mic
Night Drive
Bathrobin EP
Machine Drum
Big Beauty Hose
Now You Know
Focus - Funckarma Remix 2
Natty Caporal
Je T'Aime Mr Brown (Barolo Remix)
Je T'Aime Mr Brown
Disc Brown
Allmighty (feat Juliette)
Plug Tunes: Volume 2
Mr. Shakir's Beat Store
Boards Of Canada
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Goz Quarter
Footsteps In The Fire
Lost Subject
Mira Calix
Sandsings remixed by Boards Of Canada
Pin Skeeling
Fulford - Bauri Remix
Cut + Pressed
Neo Ouija
Piano Magic
The Canadian Brought Us Snow - Isan Remix
Panic Amigo
from the promotional e-mail post:
mondays @ danny's

1951 w. dickens >> chicago
10p - 2a > 21+over > no cover, ever
feedback >> ray@heftyrecords.com

hiya -

thanks to everyone who came out to the monday sessions over the past 2 weeks where we witnessed excellent sets from guests like µ-ziq (Planet µ, Rephlex, Astralwerks labels), TES -dj set- (Lex Records) and ADAM JOHNSON (Merck, Musik Aus Strom labels). apologies for not getting out email mentions out about those gigs, but our DSL service over here was out of service for the last few weeks. we're back up n' running now though.

as for tonight's m@d session, i am extremely pleased to welcome some fine, fine local talent to Danny's. Please come early since this is one of the last times that we'll'll be able to hear JAMIE HODGE before he travels back to Europe for his studies.... and stay late to catch burning sets from PROSWELL and Senor M50. this one's gonna be hot, please come out and witness all of the fun.

m@d schedule for the next few months coming up very soon.

- Ray
mondays @ danny's

04 --> TONIGHT !!
RAY presents:
- dj M50
- PROSWELL -live pa-
- dj >[ray_rod]

= = =

- dj M50
(affiliations: WNURfm/89.3, Netmusique web radio, Meiotic Promotions, Niteskool Productions)
for three hours on Friday nights you can catch glimpses of the seamy underside of Chicago's burgeoning experimental electronic scene on WNUR... all programmed by resident dj M50. tonight you can listen to a sampling of these influences, anticipate edgy yet sensual grooves designed to keep your ears' curiosity sated for the evening.
mr. M50 is an important figure within the Chicago underground music scene + beyond .... and the m@d folks just want to say thanks to him for being an upstanding, honest + genuine music enthusiast and for being a swell guy all around. we need more folks like him around here. come out to witness the man in action for yrself!

http://www.m50.net always open
http://www.wnur.org monday mornings & friday nights
http://www.netmusique.com every day
http://www.meioticpromotions.com affiliate

- PROSWELL -live pa-
(labels: Merck, Eerick Inpuj Sound)
PROSWELL (aka Joe Misra of Chicago) carefully produces tastefully crafted electronica/ idm compositions. blissed out melodies + beats ala CASINO VS JAPAN, MARUMARI, BOARDS OF CANADA, or early AUTECHRE fused with dark, moody undercurrents/soundscapes reminiscent of SAWII-era APHEX TWIN. hell, i wouldn't be surprised to hear that Radiohead listens to this kid for a fresh perspective on underground electronic music! keep an eye/ear open for this kat, we're predicting great things to come from this talented artist.
with a critically hailed album under his belt (Konami, 2002) for Merck Records... PROSWELL is hinting plans to issue out his 2xCD follow-up sometime later in 2003 or early 2004, also on Merck. we're hoping to hear some samples of the forthcoming album in tonight's intimate performance.

review of Konami from www.boomkat.com....
"There is a deeply moving melodic ambience across these 21 tracks... retaining the kind of compositional simplicity that¹s rarely this convincing. ŒHello My Future¹ is one of those tunes you¹re just convinced has been part of your life since childhood, a kind of bittersweet familiarity that reminds me of The Strangler¹s ŒGolden Brown¹ if it was recorded on the moon. Another memorable album from Merck, making this listener very interested in following this extremely promising new artist through things to come. Excellent."


(Aestuarium Recordings)
ever since his earliest techno recordings as BORN UNDER A RHYMING PLANET (for the highly regarded PLUS 8 imprint, run by Richie Hawtin), JAMIE HODGE has continued to indulge in many different genres of music, recording for labels like SOURCE and PLUG RESEARCH. he has also made a point to research + educate himself (and others) on music history, theories (focusing on soul, funk, jazz, rock, experimental, indigenous/traditional musics, amongst many others)... digging all the while for the missing links that explain the music that we see + hear produced today.
currently, Jamie has been studing music in Europe... while also balancing his studies + solo music compositions with his title as President of the highly impressive AESTUARIUM Records (seeing essential, reissued releases from Kelan Phil Cohran + The Artistic Heritage Ensemble, Dan Boadi + The African Internationals, and more) . Jamie is only back in Chicago for a few more weeks, so don't miss yr chance to hear some of the brilliant gems that this musical mogul will be selecting for our listening pleasure! come early otherwise you might miss his set!


- dj >[ray_rod] m@d resident

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more interesting coverage:
• If you didn't come out to Danny's on Monday night to see Mr. Jamie Hodge play, you're lame.
• If you went to Danny's to see M50, Ray_Rod, and/or didn't know who was playing second, you're really lame.
full details at http://www.interrupt-media.com/

and as a final addendum, it was regretfully not possible to include Jamie Hodge in the etc-list events list as he was not announced until the evening of the performance