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m@d 2003.Oct.13mo 21:00 5hours @ Danny's, Chicago

Peter Grummich : Kimono : Pop Ambient 2003 : Kompakt

Common Factor...
no setlist

Matt Mercer...
live PA

Kit Clayton : Pattern Matching : $x=$moles*$avacadoes; : Background
Rhythm & Sound w/Jennifer Lara : Queen In My Empire : Queen In My Empire : Burial Mix
Plastikman : [untitled] : Disconnect : Mute [whitelabel]
Peter Benisch : Sabine's Song : Sabine's Song : Eevolute
Plaid : Diddymousedid : P-Brane : WARP
Morgan Geist : 24k : Super : Environ
Morgan Geist : Lullaby : Super : Environ
Repeat : Lilt-a : Repeats : A13
Spacetime Continuum : Kairo - Carl Craig Mix : Remit Recaps : Reflective
[Hell Interface?] : [untitled] : MASK500 : SKAM
Twerk : Bluepill : Humantics : Force Inc.
Kit Clayton : Jit's Blues : Latke : Orthlorng
Ulf Lohmann : [untitled] : Before : Kompakt
Ulf Lohmann : [untitled] : Because : Kompakt
Push Button Objects : Apple Sauce : A Day In The Life : SKAM
Machine Drum : Kids World : Urban Biology : Merck
Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna : Clearcut : Clear Cut : Morr
Massive Attack : LP Version : Teardrop : Virgin
Ticklish : Rubato : Vinyle Serie 2 : Textile

Pretty amazing time, both of the guest sets were very well executed: Common Factor's DJ set was a great mix of styles, and Matt's PA was more downtempo and diverse than I'd heard from him before. Quite a crowd braved the rain, which really started pouring down by the end of the evening. In attendance: Thom Goerner, Derrick from La Makita Soma, Derrick Carter, Colette, David Siska, Alicia Frantz, Jes, Atomly, Aaron Bennett, Brian, Karl "the fire" Meier, Suprenova, DNSTodd, subK, Pat Sisson, all of String Theory, Charlie from Telefon Tel Aviv, Quantazelle, Chris from Timeout Drawer, John Curley, Sean from Parotic.

Common Factor (DJ set) (Planet E, Soma, Tactile, SSR)
Probably best known for his Pisces Groove EP and Dreams Of Elsewhere CD (both on Planet E recordings),
he's also gone on to create his own Tactile Recordings label
and release for internationally acclaimed Soma and Paper recordings.
He's put out two of of Mixmag's Singles of the Month
with groovy tech-house sensations "Horizons" and "Get Down,"
collaborated with celebrated house vocalist John Redmond
and German deep techno producer Steve Bug,
DJed regularly all over the world
and been mentioned in Urb Magazine as one of the Top 100 artists to watch.
This sought-after DJ, Producer, and Remixer has a deep, diverse record collection
(to put it mildly),
impeccable taste well-rooted in musical history with an ear to the future,
and will be sharing some of his favorite chill-out records and unheard of gems
in this unusual Chicago engagement.
Be sure and arrive early to catch this one.

Matt Mercer (live PA) (aka Systm - 409, Forte)
This is a talented sound manipulator,
facile at the task of decontextualizing
and recontextualizing
found sounds
as the punctuation of his notably song-oriented arrangements.
His notorious live sets are a combination of
megamix-style bitwise alignments of his meticulous compositions
and on-the-fly micromanaged plunderphonics.
These performances tend to land him somewhere between
the cut-n-paste mayhem of Akufen / Marc LeClair and
the colourful minimalism of Anthony Rother electro.
Matthew is both an accomplished visual and audio designer
and a quickly ascending musician on the international tech-house DJ set,
his tracks being recently played by the likes of Ptoile (Minimaldancin', Trenton Records - Paris)
and charted by Daniel Mnookin (Proton Radio, UR - Chicago) and
Shalako (Redlight Productions - Boston).
Again, an early performance this Monday evening.

m50 (DJ set)
Marking his debut evening as a resident host at Danny's,
Maximum will be filling in the gaps here
with intelligent and downright stupid cuts
of lounge, hiphop, and tripped out ambient.
He also broadcasts over the FM airwaves
on Friday nights via WNUR
and over the internet selected weeknights via Netmusique.

2015 note: amazing how many people were at this show!!!