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2003.Dec.08mo 21:00 (1 hour set, Danny's Tavern, m@d)
m@d 2003.12.08mo 21:30-02:00: Vir Unis v James Johnson (collaborative live PA), pHonaut

2003.12.08mo M@D m50 presents:
Vir Unis v James Johnson (live PA)
Ray_rod (Hefty)
@ Danny's
1951 W Dickens

DECEMBER: Live soundscape and environmental sound improvisational collaborative performance & accompanying DJ sets this Monday@Danny's...

Vir Unis & James Johnson (collaborative live PA) (Atmoworks, Zero Music, Hypnos, Groove Unlimited) Join Danny's in welcoming an improvisational and interactive live performance between James Johnson, recording artist and proprietor of Atmoworks.com, and fractal ambient auteur Vir Unis

James Johnson formed his musical beginnings with the post-industrial outfit Illusion of Safety during the 1980s. Since those early days he's been carefully refining his own sound into a lush combination of purely synthetic layers coupled with a host of delicately processed organic instruments. With over 8 full length albums and nearly as many collaborative projects to his name, James continues to release stunning material on such labels as Hypnos, Windfarm Records, and his own Zero Music imprint. His latest Atmoworks album, Echoes, combines exotic generative middle eastern textures with enveloping ambient synthesis.

Meanwhile... Vir Unis, a master of shifting atmospherics in his own right, has concocted a unique flavour of pulsating 'fractal groove' rhythms and deep, meditative atmospheres. His unusual sound arrived on the ambient scene in 1999 with two initial ambient albums which were soon followed by the aptly titled solo full length 'Pulse n Atmo' for the Dutch label Groove Unlimited. Veteran producer and sound sculptor Steve Roach worked with him across three fantastic tribal chill-out albums, and the Vir Unis sound continued to evolve. Ranging from expansive futuristic electro to sublime 0-bpm soundworlds, his current sound eludes categorization. His latest effort, entitled Book of Mutations, is also available from Atmoworks.

Together this duo has performed in various art galleries, music festivals, and radio stations across the US and have released at least 7 CDs as a collaborative team. In addition, both artists have released multiple loop libraries for SonicFoundry, makers of the well-known Acid Loop software. Using their experiences of live performance these sound explorers will map out more of the great ambient unknown in realtime, coming together to create an exquisitely evolving soundscape.



Phonaut (DJ set) (Headtheater Radio, Mother-list recordings) A resident DJ on 89.3 FM for over 6 years and Sushi Wabi Tuesday resident, pHonaut's HeadTheater supplies WNUR with an eclectic wind-down period at the end of the week. His downtempo chill-out sets are made up of house, dub, electronic jazz, digifunk, downtempo, trance, drone, microglitch, drift, beatless textures, drummin' space, experimental, & abstract lounge. His touch on the turntables will certainly set the tone for this deeply melodic evening.


with resident DJ Maximum 50 dropping tracks not bombs http://m50.net/

I did not actually DJ this evening, and pHonaut featured a live PA of his own unreleased tracks.