2008.05.09fr 22:00 EST (3hours, WZBC, Hydrogen Economy)
The Kooky Scientist “Kook Kontrol” CD ALBUM (Telepathic 2007)
Zoos of Berlin “Speak Well of Manderlay” from Zoos of Berlin CD EP (Self Release 2008)
Fabrice Lig “Access Denied” from Faith is Fear CD COMP (Dust Science 2007)
Shawn Rudiman “She Don't Deserve My Hate” from Second Is First 12-INCH SINGLE (Dust Science 2005)
Anthony Shakir “Function Electric” from Lost & Found 1 12-INCH SINGLE (Dust Science 2005)
Dan Curtin “Shining” 12-INCH SINGLE (Dust Science 2006)
DNCN “Dust to Dust” from Moss Lane East EP 12-INCH EP (Dust Science 2007)

m50 guest set...

The Clash : Straight To Hell : Combat Rock : Epic
ø : Ikuinen : Ikuinen : Sähkö
Stardub featuring Clair Dietrich : Morning Sun : Cut & Paste : Lo-Fi Stereo
Echospace : [untitled] : [black label] : Modern Love
Theorem + Stewart Walker : Recoil : Recoil : M_nus
Baby Ford : Slow Hand : Slow Hand : PAL
Mark Broom / Peter Ford / Thomas Melchior : Pukka Your Lips : Ifach Collective : Ifach
Carl Craig : [a] : Sorry Carl, We Needed The Beats : [white]
Jackmate : Male Kicks : Male Kicks : Philpot
Thor : T-2 : [untitled] : Thule
Melody Boy 2000 : Theme : Dumtraxx : Dum
Manitou : Remembering that Afternoon Downtown : All Points North : Slo.bor

The Black Dog “Riphead v9” from Radio Scarecrow LP ALBUM (Dust Science 2008)
Esquina “First Corner (Agnes' Deep Corner Mix)” from First Corner MP3 SINGLE (Zero G Sounds 2008)
Matthew Dear “R+S” from Ghostly Swim MP3 COMP (Ghostly International 2008)
Microworld “Signals” 12-INCH SINGLE (transmat 1999)
Quadrant “Infinition” 12-INCH SINGLE (Basic Channel www.basicchannel.com 2004)
Digitaline “Astronauten” from Anticlockwise LP ALBUM (Cadenza www.cadenzarecords.com 2007)
Deepchord Present Echospace “spatialdimension” 12-INCH SINGLE (Echospace www.rubadub.co.uk 2008)
Four Tet “Ringer” CD ALBUM (Domino www.dominorecordco.com 2008)