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etc 2008.05.16fr 23:30 CST 3hours @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago
Concrete Blonde : Everybody Knows : Pump Up The Volume : MCA

Chris Widman...
solvent-"think like us (bombaman rmx)"-lo dubs
thom yorke-"the clock (surgeon rmx)"--xl
badawi-"den of drumz (kode 9 rmx)"--roir
afx--analogue bubblebath IV-rephlex
lowfish-"ripped"-burnthe lightsdown-satamile

Voice Stealer : Acrobat : Electromotive Force : Subvert
Let's Go Outside : You Make Me Struggle (Area Mx FTW) : [unreleased]
Apparat : Berlin : Berlin, Montreal, Tel Aviv : Shitkatapult

Chris Widman...
excision & endophyte-"marauder (lone wolf rmx)"--nozl
david e. sugar-"li berlinm this is london (hot chip vs. ragga twins remix)"--grecoroman

Geiom : Berkane Sol : Berkane Sol : Berkane Sol
Anthony Rother : Describe Reality : Sex With The Machines : Kanzleramt
Nicolette : No Government (Plaid Remix) : Parts In The Post : Peacefrog

Chris Widman...
advent-"only power"--electrix
matthew jonson-"sympathy for the apocalypse"--wagon repair
subway-"journey"-sunday best

Kiki : Joko Tai : Joko Tai : BPitch Control
Ellen Allien : Go : Go : BPitch Control
Metope : I'm So Ready + Cpu-Circus (Ada Remix) : Kobox : Areal

Chris Widman...
nubian mindz-"124project"-cdr
deadbeat-"heathrow express"--cynosure
quadratic-"twitches08"--la folia

Eddie O. : Reverse (Area Re.Edit) : [unreleased]
Blamstates vs Brothomstrain : Envelope Diving 2 : Brothomstates vs Blamstrain : Narita
Matt O'Brien : On The Brink : A Different Light EP : Off-Key Industries

Chris Widman...
modeselektor-"dancing box (sleeparchive rmx)"--bpitch
gebrueder ton-"frickeldelle"--modus operandi
sutekh-"dirty needles"--stock

Efdemin : Lohn & Brot : [untitled] : Dial
Dario Zenker : Womde! : Sam Und Er : Vakant
Nôze : I Am : How To Dance : Circuscompany

Chris Widman...
no setlist

thanks for the calls from terri, the two michaels that won the contests, and to penny for stopping by. no thanks to the drunken airplay crew that stumbled through the studio more than once.