etc 2008.12.19 23:30 CST 3hours @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

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Beat Pharmacy : Frozen : Steadfast : Deepspace

Andrew Duke...
Andrew Duke & i8u--Exhale & Shiver (from Symbiotic) (Pertin-nce 006)
Tanaka Hideyuki--Drain The Back (from Raw Time) (Mischievous 008)
Anthony Shakir--It Erased Me (Frictional unreleased)
Gabriel Ferreira--Clover (from Nous Allons) (Shufflemood 003)
Grau--Juegos De Azar (Medu remix) (from Lost In Translation) (Seta 007)
Detroit People Mover--Casual Conversation (from DPM) (6ONE6 CD01)
Cristian C--This Is (Black & White Orange 012)
Hakan Lidbo--Senegal (Manuel Perez' Afrodisco mix) (Enjoy 012)
Kris Wadsworth--Motown Revival (from Deport This) (Hypercolour012)
DJ 3000 & Esteban Adame--Heritage (Motech 021)
Spencer Gray featuring Imani Uzuri--Precious (1200 Warriors' Bump mix) (Loveslap!)
Exe--Formant (Dialtone 030)
Terrence Dixon--Untitled (from Sabbatical) (Diggarama 014)
Disk--Rumshack (40 Thieves remix) (Fine Art 011)
Adaptive--Communicado (from General Assembly compilation) (Diplomatik 003)
Raymond Scott--Toy Typewriter (Chaircrusher remix) (Cornwarning unreleased)
Rhythm & Sound featuring Koki--See Mi Yah (Vainquer remix) (Burial Mix BMX4)
K-Hand--2 Low Key (12 inch mix) (from Fantasy) (Ausfahrt)
Convextion--Interlude 1 (from Convextion) (Downlow dlVEXTCD)
David Powers--Crazy Keys (unreleased)
DJ Sodeyama--Now Is The Time (vocal) (from Now Is The Time) (Archipel 055)
TR-ONE--Detroit After Dark (Tomi Chair remix) (from Detroit After Dark) (Nice &nd Nasty 032)
Ryan Brogan--Doubledutch (Christian Bloch remix) (Subtrak 014)
Andy Vaz featuring Alton Miller--Hurry Hurry (Yore 012LTD)
Rolando--Where Were You? (dub mix) (from Hiatus) (Delsin 73)
James Kumo--Alphawave (from Kumomusic Vol 2) (Ann Aimee 009)
Jon Silva--Acid House (from The Beginning compilation) (Clear 001)
Eric Downer--Recovery (J Hunsberger remix) (Thoughtless Music 016)
Sterac--Bot (Delsin 70)
Maja--If You Love Me Tonight (Passarani remix) (Nature 2139)
T.R.O.--Steampunk (Maschine Musik 011)
Giorgio Roma--Buzzing Jazz (Young Gods 5018)
Sean Deason--The Shit (Tristan "Phonopsia" Watkins' Deep Shit mix) (from The Shit 2003 Remixes Volume Three) (Matrix 009)
Christian Bloch--Controlled Experiment (Funque Droppings 011)
Hard Mix!--Can You Feel It (Jarrier Modrow instrumental) (Mercado Paralelo 018)
Charlton--Stuff (Aftertaste 003)
Bodie--Get Hot (Alister Johnson remix) (Pawn Shop 005)
Soultek (Stephen Hitchell)--Analogue Heart (Soundshift [Detroit] 002)
Anja Schneider & Sebo K--Rancho Relaxo (Mobilee)
Anthony Shakir--It Erased Me (Frictional unreleased)
Federico Molinari--Takk Brett (Oslo 004)
Giash--Muscipula (Bosphoros Underground 023)
Aschka--Sensoreality (Stefny's Elephas Maximus mix) (De'fchild 010)
Dirt Crew--Soundwave (Filippo Moscatello mix) (Dirt 030)
Feno--Spirit Level (Tomi Chair remix) (Dublin Express 011)
Strial--Andromede (Edensonic 022)
Chris Fortier & Profile25--BSF Rename (Fade 058)
Lusine--Make It Easy (John Tejada remix) (Ghostly International)
Kaupo--Sohh (Leiner remix) (from Evenings) (Laks 013)
Joshua Collins--Feel It In The Air (Hernan Cerbello remix) (Low Pressings 068)
Paul Hazendonk presents Dub Society--Late Night Intellect (from Manualism 2.0 compilation) (Manual 014)
Mike Kuszynski--Techno Siren (from Early Collected Works)
Modul--Brave New What (unreleased)
Morophosis--Round One (MOS 010)
[A]pendics.Shuffle--Finding Harmony (Tim Xavier remix) (from You Got My Harmony) (Mo's Ferry 041)
K-Hand--Feel (from Feel) (Acacia 101)
Delphi--Suzuka (from The River) (Pigna 014)
Mush--Test 72 (Orlando Voorn remix) (Night Vision 013)
Newworldaquarium--The Force (from The Dead Bears) (Newworldaquarium 02)
Coordinates--16 Steps (from 16 Steps) (Open Concept)
Drivetrain--Symphonium V--The Resurrection (Act II) (Soiree)
Common Factor--The Storm (from That Was Then) (Playhouse 111)
Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt--Someone Told Me (Permanent Vacation 029)
Cloudsteppers--Make Me Shine (Chris Udoh remix) (Pesto 012)
Produse--Copy Paste Delete (Rob Glennon remix) (Dublin Express)
Anane--Walking On Thin Ice (Anane's Old School dub) (Vega 034)
From Karoake To Stardom--Do You Speak In Glitch? (from Quote Sample Steal) (Rrygular 027)
Recloose--Catch A Leaf (Marc De Clive Lowe remix) (Sonar Kollektiv 030)
BradElectro featuring Marwan Kanafani--Rubberbands (Homero Espinosa remix) (Tarantic 030)
Javier Drada--Something In The Sound (NOLA Deep dub) (from NOLA) (Resisted Resonance 002)
Hemiptera--Bad Haircut Correction (from Home On The Strange) (Pertin-nce 022)
Stee Downes--The Getaway (from What's Wrong With Groovin') (Sonar Kollektiv 033)
J & J vs. Terry Moore--Some Kinda Good (J & J's Soultempo JAM) (Bombay 133)
Transparent Sound--Cider Club (Vector Lovers + Transparent Sound remix) (Chi 021)
Suz + Layborn--Nuzzle Fudge (De'fchild 006)
Rick Wade--Something For The Journey (from Dreams Of Home compilation) (6ONE6 CD04)
Shahrokh Sound Of K. featuring Robert Owens--After All (from Dripping Point) (Compost 306-2)
$tinkworx--Amira (Strange Life 017)
Radiers Of The Lost ARP--The Submariner Theme (from Tema 5) (Nature 2137)
Claude Young--Mutation Computation (from Dreams Of Home compilation) (6ONE6 CD04)
Variant--Falling Stars (from The Setting Sun) (Echospace [Detroit])

Elleinad : Stop Time This Weekend : [unreleased]

Beat Pharmacy...
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