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etc 2015.07.24fr 22:00-02:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Andrew Duke...
01 Anek--Weia; Room 311 (Resonance Records RR029)
02 Rennie Foster--Belladonna (RF Stripped Down edt); Belladonna (RF Music RF020)
03 Trevor Deep Jr--Empty; TDJ (HPTY 004)
04 The Exaltics--Quiet Earth; The Truth 2008-2013 (Solar One Music SOM032)
05 Claudia Anderson--Makron; Liquid Forms (Singular SING-R6)
06 Sergio Vilas--Militia; Collection Two comp (STARKfutures Recordings SFR015)
07 Kevin Arnemann--Røssaak; Lumière (Taped Artifact TA001)
08 Slam--Resolved (Clouds rx); Reverse Proceed Interpretations Pt 2 (Soma 420d)
09 Attan--Ticking Clock; The Time Paradox (Dame-Music DAME029)
10 Andrea Fiorito--Voodoo Groove; Voodoo Groove (Cynosure CYN094)
11 ONNO--Come On; Techno Jams (Truesoul TRUE126)
12 Natan H--Cruisin'; Rotate Freely comp (Altered Moods Recordings AMR35R)
13 Antwon Faulkner--Deep Space Radio (Greg Gow rx); Deep Space Radio (Hijacked Records HIJ012)
14 Derek Marin & Anna Cavazos--Got Me Started; Ear Wormhole (STARKfutures Recordings SFR016)
15 Chronophone--Hurt; Chronicles Pt 1 (Goldmin Music gmnsp 006.1)
16 Altered Natives--Leviathan II; In The Place Where Love Once Lived (EYE4EYE DIGILP7)
17 Glenn Astro--Love Is Gone; Hologram (WotNot Music WOT019)
18 John Tejada--Penumbra; Signs Under Test (Kompakt 321)
19 Boyd Jarvis--Piano Track (Ray Piano); Stomp (Echovolt Records EvRE003)
20 Mike Anderson & Guido Nemola--Real Name (Acid mx) (unreleased)
21 Patrick Kuessner--Shaking; New Reality (Pentax PTX010)
22 Khillaudio--Smoothie; The Feeling (Two House Recordings)
23 Malcolm Moore--They Just Don't Know You; Rotate Freely comp (Altered Moods Recordings AMR35R)
24 Hedge Maze--Untitled; Dysania (Lobster Theremin LTWHT005)
25 Syncom Data--Ekstasis; Warehousing (Syncom Data SD36)
26 Jay Denham--Jack Mode; Mlackban (MK Recordings MKR021)
27 Fede Zerdan--Low Boost; Low Boost (Cymawax CYM002)
28 Sven Weisemann--Nijo; Fall Of Icarus (Delsin DSRC3)
29 Levon Vincent--Small Whole-Numbered Ratios; Self-titled (Novel Sound NS-09)
30 Cliff Lothar--Soul Plonk; Soul Plonk (Omnidisc OMD003)
31 strukturator--antifonation; antifonation (UNOIKI UI011)
32 BNJM--Berth (Eduardo De La Calle Absolut mx); Absolut rxs Vol 1 comp (Absolut AB001)
33 Plural--Biotic 04; From The Archives (Ditekt DTKT004)
34 Roberto Figus--Consistency; Archives (Etichetta Nera ENDGT034)
35 Christian Piers--Offf; Beat Wiser (17 Steps 003)
36 Clemens Neufeld--Slip Agent; Clemens2 (Neufeld NEULP2)
37 Alex Lowet--The Guardian (unreleased)
38 Ben Mono--Why?; Why? (MadTech KCMTDL028)
39 Manse--A Slap In The Face Of Public Taste; A Slap In The Face Of Public Taste (Lobster Theremin LT014)
40 Dangerous Liaisons--Dangerous Acid (Bonus Round 025)
41 Shebuzzz--Ivolga; Ivolga (Diametral)
42 Gustavo Andrés--Jamming (Ambient mx); Solitude & Solace (Sound Black Recordings SB013)
43 Reekee--Nostalgic Friday; Nostalgic Friday (Melodymathics MM DIGI 1007)
44 Blackhall & Bookless--Straightener (Chad db); Straightener (JR003)
45 DJ Stingray 313--Acetylcholine; Cognition (Lower Parts LP07)
46 Fade II Black--The Calling (reprise); In Sync (Black Nation Records BNR820)
47 Holtz--18 (eighteen); Reconstructing Thessaloniki comp (Remote Influence REINCD001)
48 Fabrizio Lapiana--Aubergine; Different Seasons comp (Out-ER OUT014)
49 Luca Lozana & Mr Ho--Dripbox; Dripbox (Creme Organization CR1284)
50 Ellen Allien--Freak The Night (Radio Slave accapella); Allien rxs (BPitch Control BPC313)
51 The Exaltics--IMOEH; The Truth 2008-2013 (Solar One Music SOM032)
52 Claudia Anderson--Liquid Forms; Liquid Forms (Singular SING-R6)
53 Rennie Foster--Little Helper 175-6; Little Helper 175 (Little Helpers LH175)
54 Pheek--Opocopa; White Raven (Archipel ARCHCD012)
55 Xosar--Phasers Of Eden; World Of Illusion/Phasers Of Eden (Pinkman PNKMN010)
56 De Fantastiske To--Pust (Trulz & Robin rx); Pust (Trunkfunk TF029)
57 Trevor Deep Jr--Qwa; TDJ (HPTY 004)
58 Anek--Room 311; Room 311 (Resonance Records RR029)
59 Alan Backdrop--Siaka; N.A.T.T. (OGUN 002)
60 Monsieur Nopac--Want You; Belda (STARKfutures Recordings SFR017)
61 Joseph Rawness--Aura Shakers (Rosales Hexagon Sex Cabin vers); Zona Hexagono (Rawness Underground Recordings)
62 Run Dust--British Jumpsuit; Serf Rash (In Paradisum IP018)
63 Exos--Gegnum Skraargat; Q-Box (Thule THL010)
64 Benjamin Wood--Harsher Wares; Zone/Interzone (Carousel Records CRSL001)
65 Altered Natives--In The Place Where Love Once Lived; In The Place Where Love Once Lived (EYE4EYEDIGILP7)
66 strukturator--legoloves; antifonation (UNOIKI UI011)
67 Joseph K + Winter Son--Loveless Vessel; Loveless (Rebirth REB095)
68 John Tejada--Meadow; Signs Under Test (Kompakt 321)
69 Drvg Cvltvre--My Houz; Grauwvuur (Pinkman PNKMN11)
70 Mehdispoz--No Name Acid; Acid Spirit On The Dancefloor (S-Sens Records/MHD-Underground MHD032)
71 Derek Carr--Pluto Lost Again; The Digital Space Race (Offshoot/Psychonavigation OFF025)
72 Cliff Lothar--Slippin'; Soul Plonk (Omnidisc OMD003)
73 Exos--Spaellt; Q-Box (Thule THL010)
74 Jonas Kopp--STP; Tryptology (EarToGround ETG013)
75 Peter Van Hoesen--Swerve Damiao; Seventy Secrets (Time To Express T2X25)
76 Hadamard--The Parting Of The Ways; Reconstructing Thessaloniki comp (Remote Influence REINCD001)
77 Vrsion--Vibration (Trevino rx); Vibration (The Nothing Special TSN015)
78 Francisco Robustelli--Yield; After Midnight (Dogmatik Digital DD013)
79 Alan Backdrop--Artia; N.A.T.T. (OGUN 002)
80 Plural--Blood Ties; Shifting Forward (Metroplex M-042)
81 Discrete Circuit--Compiler; Machine Code (Inertia 5)
82 Exos--Eastwood; My Home Is Sonic (Delsin DSRX9)
83 El_Txef_A--Every Day Is Blue Monday ft Meggy (Lake People rx); We Walked Home Together rx Pack 1 (Forbidden Colours 0ff0c0)

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