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Greta Cottage Workshop 2018.02.10fr 22:00-00:00 @ Soundart Radio, Devon

(originally broadcasted as etc radio on 2018.02.02)
Norton Fortune...
Masaki Uchida- Fraenwuil- Blueberry Records
L'estasi Dell'oro- Metronomic Tremors- Field Records
phase90- Targum (Intrusion's Sedation)- echospace [detroit]
Steve Summers- Always (Tornhawked)- Valcrond Video
Nacho Portigliani- The Great Dictator- Arupa Music
Kalbata- Enkuan (Part 3)- Optimo Music
Claro Intelecto- Kozyrev's Mirror- Delsin Records
Joy Orbison- Rite Ov- Toss Portal
Ben Buitendijk- Blank Metal- Oblique Music
Floating Points- Montparnasse- Eglo Records
Earthen Sea- Exhuberant Burning- Kranky
Mr. Cloudy- Space Ball- AMAdea Records
Parris- Bloom (Helm Remix)- Ancient Monarchy
Burnt Friedman, Mohammed Reza- YEK 128-12- Nonplace
K-Lone- Old Fashioned- Soundman Chronicles
Yefim Malko, Roland Olyphant- Watta- minim.all
Luis Mora- Orion- Pantamuzik
Shlomo- The Quest- Delsin Records
Cosmin TRG- Singe- 47
Duckett- Ghosts of African Women- Wisdom Teeth
Jay Shepheard- Heat, Nothingness & Unification
Khristian K- Kijani- Moira Audio Recordings
Shore- A Hundred Times- Mister Saturday Night Records
The Mountain People- Cielo Rojo- Mountain People
Ada Kaleh- Palatul De Clestar- R&S Records
Junes- Awake- Galdoors
Roman Poncet- Caje- Skryptom Records
Architectural- Lipstick And Cigarettes- Non Series
Phase- Insectoid- Token
Martyn- Matt Hensley- 3024
Simo Cell- Stop The Killing- Livity Sound
1987- Michelle (Kornel Kovacs Remix)- Parlophone Sweden

Lee Gamble : You Hedonic : Mnestic Pressure : Hyperdub
Dada Ques : Aigu : 1 : ANWO
Dada Ques : X-R-X : 1 : ANWO
DB1 : Agua : Zwischenwelt : Hidden Hawaii
Miki Miyoshi : Automated Poem : 10th Region : Sovereign State
Lee Gamble : A Tergo Real : Mnestic Pressure : Hyperdub
Terrence Dixon : [b1] : Minimalism II : Background
Aleksi Perala : GBLFT1740067 : Paradox : trip
RX-101 : Saiph : EP 4 : Suction
[unreleased] : Keep Your Mouth Shut
Born Under A Rhyming Planet : Elephant : Spasm Band : Plus 8
King Krule : (A Side In) New Drugs : The Ooz : XL
DJ Sports : Reluctant Memory : Modern Species : Firecracker
Leafar Legov : Force Majeure : Family : Giegling
Leafar Legov : Family Is Everything : Family : Giegling
Chihei Hatakeyama : Distant Steam Train Whistle : Mirage : Room40
SVN & Skookum : Intro
Wrong Dials : L4
Conoley Ospovat : Sun Hides On A Sunny Day : Solitude : Kimochi Sound
Shielding + Materiat : Session 1607-03-1-1
2Pac : Pac's Theme : Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... : Amaru Entertainment

thanks to matt for the invite!