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etc 2018.03.30fr 23:00-02:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Andrew Duke...
01 Iz & Diz--Mater Dei; For Nightly (Vizual VIZLP2)
02 Tres Demented--Brainfreeze; Shez Satan (Planet E PE65285-1)
03 Plan 86--Domino (The Melodymann db); Domino (Nice & Nasty NANO160)
04 Snuff Crew--Farewell; I Love Acid 015 (I Love Acid ILA015)
05 Motomitsu--November; Citadel comp (Soiree SRT167)
06 Deetron--Take Me Higher; DoubleSix Takes Vol 1 (Character 006)
07 Liquideep--Angel (Zepherin Saint Tribeapella); The Dub I Lost comp (Tribe TRIBED013)
08 Jamie Principle--Your Love (Belocca & Soneec Vocal db); Tales From Beyond The Tone Arm comp (Nocturnal Groove NCTGDA007)
09 Niko Marks--My Language (Night Life mx); Soul Meter (U2X0058)
10 Carlos Nilmmns--KP-800; The Way We Remember (Nice & Nasty NANO114)
11 Wally Callerio--Momentum; The Love Safari Vol 2 (Dufflebag DBD051)
12 Frankie Knuckles--The Whistle Song (Directors Re-Directed Cut); Tales From Beyond The Tone Arm comp (Nocturnal Groove NCTGDA007)
13 Tim Jackman--Helena Demands; Sophocles (Ibiza Boys IBZ21)
14 Carlos Nilmmns--Interstellar; Bandcamp Exclusives (Paris Metro)
15 Iz & Diz--Fort Nightly; For Nightly (Vizual VIZLP2)
16 Carlos Nilmmns--Lifelines ft Keter Darker; Bandcamp Exclusives (Paris Metro)
17 Rennie Foster--Bansuri Coast; Game Of 100 Ghosts (Rennie Foster RFLP3)
18 Niko Marks--Spacebabies Mixture Two; Lounge Chair (U2X0040)

Bill Washburn...
Bill Cosby : What Ya Think About Lickin My Chicken : Disco Bill
Dane Cook : Just Wanna Dance : Harmful if Swallowed
George Carlin : Occupation: Foole : Occupation: Foole
snaps https://youtu.be/iLuqIzlGz8A?t=887
Woody Allen : Vodka Ad : Stand Up Comic
Flip Wilson : The Gardener : You Devil
Dick Gregory : Chicago My Home Town : Caught in the Act
Louis C.K. : Everybody Dies : Live at Madison Square Garden
Eddie Pepitone : Sleepy Time Tea : A Great Stillness
Lewis Black : IHOP : The White Album
Chris Rock : Prisons : Born Suspect
Lenny Bruce : Relax Your Coloured Friends : Vintage Comedy
Richard Pryor : White and Black People : Wanted
Jeff Foxworthy : Southern Accent : Games Rednecks Play
David Cross : Monica Lewinski and the Three Bears : Shut Up You Fucking Baby! Disc 1
Joe Rogan : White Trash / Aliens / John Glenn : Gonna Be Dead Someday
Doug Stanhope : For Only Two Dollars a Month You Can Keep This Kid Alive Long Enough To Produce Six More People Who Have Nothing To Eat : From Across the Street
Bob Newhart : An Infinite Number of Monkeys : The Button Down Mind Strikes Back
Bill Hicks : Great Times on Drugs : Relentless
Patton Oswalt : Toronto Open Mic : Feelin' Kinda Patton
Robin Harris : Leave that Coke Alone [Why Brothers Drive Cadillacs : Be-Be's Kids
Mitch Hedberg : Belt : Do You Believe in Gosh
Robin Williams : Alcohol : Live at the Met
Eddie Murphy : The Barbeque : Comedian
Richard Pryor : Discipline : Wanted
Don Sherman : The Spy : Let There Be Grass
Lord Buckley : The Hip Einie : A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat