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etc 2018.07.13fr 23:00-03:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

17 vinyl records, mixed by DJ Lgcc...
Chandeliers - A-side exerpt
Lithops - Penrose Avenue
M. Geddes Gengras - Night Work
K-Rad - Teeth $ Oats
Psychic Reality - Fanta
Mi Ami - Towers Fall
Alder and Elius - Digital Toddler
Frank Rosaly - Truce
Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & The Congos - New Binghi
Tinariwen - Imidiwan Ma Tenam (Gypsyphonic / Bobby Mac Remix)
Tom Thayer - Seven Animals
Lobisomem - Dhegiha Group
Rene Hl. - Bending (Voice)
Nobukazu Takemura - At Lake Yogo
Michael Perkins - Esteban II
Co La - Wanna Say Faux
Sharkula - Army HoDown

Djrum : Plead With Me : The Session : Smokin' Sessions

Wagner & Schwabe...
no setlist

on DJ Lgcc's set:
Reckless Records is a bit of a Chicago institution. Since its first location opened in 1989, it’s been an instrumental outlet for alternative music of all sorts in Chicago. Its size and multiple locations means it’s a natural place for touring bands to put their records on consignment, leading to a treasure-trove of short-run records and obscure niche releases.

Upon my arrival in Chicago just after the turn of the 21st century, Reckless became a bit of a home-away-from home for me, feeding my insatiable need to hear Fischerspooner, Fela Kuti, and Fed By Ravens in the same stack of music. While Reckless may be the place to go for everything indie and avant, it has a certain accessibility that can often escapes niche-music shops. Many of the records and CDs in Reckless come with small description stickers, some with a paragraph or more of information about the release contained within - for me, this encouraged more ‘blind purchases’, and as a result, each visit to Reckless was like opening a gift box. The records in this mix were selected from my many visits to Reckless Records over the years, with these particular selections coming heavily from the Experimental Electronic section of the shop.