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etc 2018.09.28fr 23:00-03:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Jason Forrest...
Mandre : solar flight
Famous Eno : Gangsters Vip
OMAAR : Megabyte
Venetian Snares : Crackest
Ove Naxx : Wabisabi Violence
Ove Naxx : Wabisabi Violence (DJ California Crisis remix)
Soundstream : Motion
Ennio Morricone : from Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion OST
Dominique Dumont : L'Esprit de l'Escaller
The Mo-Dettes : White Mice
Cycle Out : [unknown]
Hop Box : Optimism
Dev Nul : Gorchestra
Warst : Ruins Rave (short mix)
Sharp Veins : Grayer Shadows Meld
Soundhack : A2
Alessi Brothers : Seabird

Microfilm “Soleado” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark “Decimal” (English Electric, 2012)
Microfilm “The Sun Melted My Tape Collection” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Africa Hi-Tech “93 Million Miles” (93 Million Miles, 2010)
Machinedrum “Rise N Fall” (Vapor City, 2013)
Odd Nosdam “Freakout 3” (Level Live Wires, 2007)
Dead Fader “In Cover” (Blood Forest, 2014)
Boards of Canada “Sunshine Recorder” (Geogaddi, 2000)
Microfilm “Kissapella” (Cherry Love Amour, 2016)
AGF “Liniendicke” (head slash bauch, 2002)
The Field “Sun & Ice” (From Here We Go Sublime, 2005)
Microfilm “Fox & His Friends” (The Slingshot Orchestra, 2008)
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark “Time Zones” (Dazzle Ships, 1983)
Bernard Hermann “Cleaning the Cab” (Taxi Driver, 1976)
Andrea Belfi “Oggetti Creano Forme” (Natura Morta, 2014)
Microfilm “Orchestral Manœuvres In The Light” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Björk “Hidden Place” (Vespertine, 2001)
These New Puritans “Field of Reeds” (Field of Reeds, 2013)
The Hafler Trio “An Introduction to Go” (The Sea Org, 1986)
Microfilm “Sitges” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Microfilm “Pretty Hate Removal Machine” (Houndstooth Harmonics, 2016)
Oval “Hey” (Oh, 2010)
Lorenzo Senni “xxx1” (Superimpositions, 2014)
Microfilm “Cerise Cerise” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Kid 606 “Dandy” (GQ on the EQ++, 2000)
Stars of the Lid “Another Ballad For Heavy Lids” (And Their Refinement of the Decline, 2006)
Microfilm “Limousine Panthers” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
Visionist “I’ve Said” (Safe, 2015)
Oneohtrix Point Never “Child of Rage” (Garden of Delete, 2017)
Matthew Mercer “Salvo” (Salvo, 2016)
The Orb “Into the Fourth Dimension: Essences in Starlight” (The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultra-World, 1991)
Underworld “Juanita/Kiteless” (Second Toughest in the Infants, 1996)
Microfilm “Lavender Courtesy Phone” (AggroPastels, 2013)
Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin “Uptown Psychedelia” (Instrumental Tourist, 2012)
Microfilm “Cherry Love Amour” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)
James Blake “If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead” (2018)
Microfilm “70mm” (Houndstooth Harmonics, 2016)
Goldfrapp “Zodiac Black” (Silver Eye, 2017)
Twine “Voices…” (Circulation, 2001)
Microfilm “Hollywood Forever” (Cherry Love Amour, 2018)

Microfilm Cherry Love Amour DJ set for WNUR, Mixed by Matthew Mercer
Microfilm’s Cherry Love Amour available 28 Sept 2018 on most digital music services
and for download and streaming at http://microfilm.bandcamp.com