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etc 2020.07.10fr 22:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; Datafruits, Seattle; Main Drain Studios, Oakland
(rebroadcast 2020.07.12su 10:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; SutroFM, San Francisco; Datafruits, Seattle; Main Drain Studios, Oakland)

Eric Clapton - Tracks and Lines (flanger mix)
Terence Stamp talks about Marlon Brando (in a cave mix)
Bruno Nicolai - Justine (heavy verb mix)
Christopher Walken - "Good guys win"
Naozumi Yamamoto - Gate of Flesh Main Title (snack bar mix)
Eric Clapton - Communion Main Theme (overlay mix)
Edward Snowden - How Your Cell Phone Spies On You
Iannix Xenakis - Pithoprakta
H.N.A.S. - Tonnenschwer Im Abendkleid (too many people in too small room mix)
Eric Clapton & Roger Waters - Title Theme for The Hit (off-kilter mix)
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman fired by National Security Council, Fox News Report (speed edit)
Maestro Soviet Synthesizer demo (3 reverbs mix)
Maurice Ravel - Pavane for a Dead Princess (15 rpm mix)
Toru Takemitsu - Rain Spell (low pass for eastern music mix)
The Arrival (cavernous edit)
Celer - Longer Africa (Alpha Juno #1, 1-16)
Nicola Piovani - Kaos (carnival effects mix)
Bernard Hermann - Radar for The Day the Earth Stood Still
Leon Trotsky - The Decline of Europe
Celer - Untitled (Moon mix)
Interview with Astronaut Judy Resnik, April 9, 1981
Celer - Longer Africa (Alpha Juno #1, 1-4)
En - Already Gone (other room mix)
Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience
Nino Rota - Plein Soleil for Purple Moon (For Mr. Ripley)

Midori Hirano...
Squarepusher - 80 Ondula
MimiCof - Burning Lights
TNTN(Tujiko Noriko + Takemura Nobukazu) - 7 heavens
Qasim Naqvi - Intermission
Midori Hirano - Saiboh
Eli Keszler - Willing To Be Open
Triola - bloody heart
Johannes Maria Haslinger, Cico Beck and Markus Acher - Blind Street Drummer
Christoph Berg - Shinonome
Anne Müller - Aarhus / Reminiscences
Midori Hirano - Glass
The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Oasis at Dusk
Grischa Lichtenberger - 0319 08 SATURN 5c + 0119 30 EINS bb2 (Saturn/32 cents)
Riki Hidaka - Delay My Memory
Meitei - Nami
Anders Ilar - Ludwijka V
Shards - Inner Counterpoint

Ennio Morricone : Without Knowing Much About Her : A Man And His Music : Immortal
Brian Eno : Ambient Savage : Curiosities Volume I : Opal
Pye Corner Audio : Phase B : Where Things Are Hollow 2 : Lapsus
MimiCof : Opal : Moon Synch : Alien Transistor
Futuregrapher : Orange In A Box : Instamatic / Futuregraphic : Intellitronic Bubble
Serwed : Live Cut 01.06.19 : II : West Mineral
Miles Tilmann : Through The Tubes : 3D Concepts : Toytronic
Ennio Morricone : The Man With The Harmonica : A Man And His Music : Immortal

pHonaut "Hexadestiny"...
Rapoon: Edge of Nowhere
Pub: Cokeshandy
Central Industrial: Wintermute
Scaremeister: Undertow
Sultan (Namlook & Burhan Ocal): Yenilik part 2
Selda: Dam Ustune Culserer
FSOL: Hapn
Vangelis: Snake Pit + Salome's Dance
Paralel Disko: Egri Bugru
BT Gate X-138: Kandalaksha
Evan Marc feat Steve Hillage: Hypnopomp (BVDUB's Hallucinations of Grandeur rmx)
FSOL: Standing Room
Cristian Vogel: Moved By Waves
Radius: Interpolation 12
Deep Space Network + Higher Intelligence Agency: Chai
Experiments In Silence: Flight of the Formless
Preghost: Seeker feat Yuichiro Kato
Halftribe: Echoes of Us
Shorelights: Love's Crashing Waves
Am.light: Breathing
Pliiant: Loupin On Stane
Woob: Shin Puroguramu
Aeonics: Neocortex Nanobots

thanks to catluver, mum & dad & plato, amy, hi.vis, phonaut, spooninboys, lindsay brock coulter, bill, snad, spiltmilk from the bay, hpc for tuning in, and lgcc for the technical assistance