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etc 2021.06.18fr 22:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago; Main Drain Studios, Chicago, Sphere Radio, Leipzig; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara
etc 2021.06.18fr 23:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul
(rebroadcast 2021.06.20su 10:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago)

Friday night warmup session, selections from:
Andrew Haines
Linkwood : Mono : Athens Of The North
Moodymann : Don't You Want My Love : Peacefrog
Moritz Von Oswald Trio : Chapter 6 : BMG

DJ Lgcc...
Seba - Painted Sky (Aqueous rmx)
TeeBee - Bioform
Dreamlogicc - Twenty Roles To A Dole
Africa Hitech - Footsteps
Alpha Omega - Decade 303 (Pieter K rmx)
Equinox - The Phantoms (Nebula rmx)
Westside Chemical - Fly
Aural Imbalance - Subtle Consequences
ICU - Aluet
Dreamlogicc - Tragedy In Threes
Leila - (Disappointed Cloud) Anyway
DJ Rashad - I'm Gone
Matt Dubspun - Shadow Of Self (Dreamlogicdrmlgcc flips the switch)

Ben R Brown...
Selim X and Roche - Variation 2
Michal Turtle - Are You Psychic?
Ford Proco, Coil - Ecuacion de las estrellas
Pessimist - We Did It
Brigitte G. - Fallen Pine
Eternity - Vosolid
African Ghost Valley - OTH (memotone Rework)
Obscurum - Syncopate A
Seixlack - Escarpiao
Daniel Holt - At The Precipice
Jay Glass Dubs - Animal Estate ft. Yorgia Karidi
Lunar Tropics - Starblazing
North Vest - The Battle
Beau Wanzer - He Pushes Meals
Muziekkamer - Pronunciation
M. Finnkrieg - Blank Order
Stopp - I'm Hungry (Caramba Mix)
Cold Readings - Is This The Limit
Chris And Cosey - Hybrid C
Baby's Berserk - Bangalee (Charlie Adamson)
Sheik - Oxram
Low Res - Amuck
M. Rav - M. Ravitz
Calico - Strange Cana
? asymmetric - lockeddowngrooves12
Stanislav Tolkachev - Idiom
bookworms - dyslexia two
Flux - A1 - The Mindboggling Mystery
Mint - Psycholka
Yotam Avni - Orma

DJ Lgcc...
John Leitham - Harpo (8i11 rmx)
Dreamlogicc - A Fhast Phourk In The Rhodes
Forces Of Nature & Longers - Natures Way
Faithless - Reverence
Blackdaylight - Daylight 180
Area - Dark Days (Dreamlogicc Lake Effect)
Blatter - Curtain
Dreamlogicc - Often Frails
8Ben Goldberg - Only Saved By Poetry (8i11 Rmx)
Aco - Uraniwa
Bvdub - Enemies In Your Eyes

thanks to k-rad, dubpirate240, dad, lgcc, ray_rod, ben r brown, jacob hopes, kera, amy, eva, kat, mascrujiente, phonaut for tuning