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etc 2021.07.23fr 22:00 @ Sphere Radio, Leipzig; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara
etc 2021.07.23fr 23:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul
(rebroadcast 2021.07.25su 10:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago)

sunday warmup set, selections from:
Pita : Get In : Editions Mego
Pita : Get On : Editions Mego

1.Conal Blake - Group Loop
2.n_0 - 0100A
3.mitchell akiyama - rain no water
4.Mistareez - Trust Is A Response
5.Micro Incubus - too much beige
6.Roméo Poirier - Atsipades
7.Mike Cooper - A Pattern Of Islands
8.Asio otus - Sairp Vodge
9.MWW Monkey 20 - 6PM Breakfast
10.arthur russel - home away from home (andy stott live mix)
11.Exos - I skjoli nætur
13.J. Albert - Do Nothing
14.Lord Of The Isles - Reduct
15.mu tate - All 3
16.Sonmi451 - Up Goes The Green Flare
17.Basses Terres - Sentiment Oceanique
18.Aepiel - Aves
19.Komet - Stab
20.Shuttle358 - Isonpgn
21.sonoj - decembris

no setlist

Kone R...
Fred P - Looking At The Sky (Private Society)
Ian O'Brien - Veksel (Peacefrog)
Stacey Pullen - Tsunami (Science)
Simoncino & Merwyn Sanders of Virgo Four - On The Dance Floor (Legowelt Remix) (Skylax)
John Heckle - The 4th Dimension (Mathematics)
Omar S - Muggy Detroit Heat (Upstairs Asylum)
Perseus Traxx - What Do U Want From Me (Acid Avengers)
Insync vs Mysteron - Science Fact (10th Planet)
Population One - View From Above (Ovatow Reclock) (Harbour City Sorrow)
Nuron - Eau Rouge (Likemind)
Reedale Rise - Anatalia (Magnonic Signals)
CH415 - Bye Minks (Furthur Electronix)
Obergman - Spectral Radiosity (Shakesphere)
Versalife - Alpha (Altered Sense)
Lerosa - Ummon (Passarani Remix) (Lunar Disko)
Etcher - Brane Worlds (I Love Acid)
Aquatronics - Euphotic Zone (Analog Concept)
Karsten Pflum - Thomson And Thompson (Touched)
Jaffa Kid - Resolve (Deeptrax)
Octavcat - TBJX (VLSI)
Mariska Neerman - Rise Up (HC Records)

Western Edges : Temperance : Dependency : Sound In Silence

thanks to kat, dad, mum, amy, linus & eric & leah, kone-r, eva, phonaut, caldera, owen jay for tuning