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Human Music 2022.10.09su 18:00 @ The Listening Club, Chicago


Harmonizer - Selections from World Complete
Super Numeri - Selections from The Coastal Bird Scene
Dreamlogicc - Selections from Co-Lateralism
P-SH - Selections from Beyond The Wave Image & Synthetic Terrain
Zeze Wakamatsu - Selections from Loomer
TALsounds - Selections from Love Sick
Johannes Heldén - Selections from System
Steve Hauschildt - Selections from Strands
James Blackshaw - Selections from The Glass Bead Game
Aska / Fuego - Selections from Trance
Awe Kid - Selections from Body Logic
Cosmic AC - Selections from the forthcoming LP

selections from
Strategy : Information Pollution : Further
Cigarettes After Sex : [untitled] : Artisan
Stina Nordenstam : People Are Strange : EastWest
Aurora II : Merck
Jochem Paap : VRS-MBNT-PCS 9598 I : FAX
Klaus : Tele : Tanum
Andrea Belfi : Natura Morta : Miasmah
Building Instrument : Kem Som Kan a Leve : Hubro
Mimicof : Distant Symphony : Karlrecords
Loess : Pocosin : n5MD
Taylor Deupree & S. Carey : 01 : Thesis

thanks to lou, eric & brooks, gorn, phonaut, molly & aaron, oliver, ed luna, noel, lucas, jarvi & soraya, bill for coming out; special thanks to erica for help at the door. event put together by emma, r.ss,, lgcc.