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etc 2021.06.04fr 22:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago; Main Drain Studios, Chicago, Sphere Radio, Leipzig; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara
etc 2021.06.04fr 23:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul
(rebroadcast 2021.06.06su 10:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago)

Collateral Intelligence - Punch Your Fears (Gated forthcoming)
user7709097- rwyn caru (Gated)
user7709097 - the mountain path (Gated)
Utopia Cloak - Easy (Gated)
Impurity - A Hole In The Sky (Céad)
Borai - Dub Fi Dub (THEM)
BufoBufo - Cave Network (Kouncil Cuts)
Dimensional Holofonic Sound - DJ Jerks (Holofonic Recordings)
Elmono - Salad Holder (Cold Recordings)
Denham Audio - Check 1 (Maruwa Remix)(Lobster Theremin)
Goldefish - Radon (Gated)
Hubwar - Sambacraft (NOIZION recordz)
Datawave - Breach Out (Gated)
Lloyd Stellar - Stranger in a strange land (Gated forthcoming)
Lucita Octans - Xurd'wol (Gated forthcoming)
Lord of the D - Jamie Let Go (Rewind Records)
Liðvarð - Rave Research (Gated)
Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2036090 (AP Musik)
AFX - (untitled) (Rephlex)
Selektor55 - For Clyde (Gated)

Sound Synthesis live...
Sound Synthesis - Traveller (Gated)
Sound Synthesis - Sonically Entwined (Infiltrate)
Sound Synthesis - How it Feels (Gated)
Sound Synthesis - Waiting Rooms (Gated)
Sound Synthesis - Noisy Shouts of Joy (Nebulae Records)
Sound Synthesis - Beauty Within (Furthur Electronix)
Sound Synthesis - Fields of Echoes (Furthur Electronix)
Sound Synthesis - Expansion 303 (Nebulae Records)
Sound Synthesis - Mechanics of Dreams (Exalt Records)
Sound Synthesis - Xjenza Eletronika (Gated)
Cybereign V Nastia Y - Do You Feel The Force (Sound Synthesis Remix) (Diffuse Reality)
Sound Synthesis - Note To Self (Wave Function)

Perseus Traxx...

Lucita Octans live...
Stacy TX - TX Intro (unreleased)
Lucita Octans - Robbie (upcoming on Gated Recordings)
Lucita Octans - Rolandic Operulum (unreleased)
Rave Liotta - World Leader (unreleased)
Lucita Octans - Tropic of Cancer (self-released)
Rave Liotta - SambaDrone (unreleased)
Rave Liotta - Replicator (unreleased)
Lucita Octans - Moon Spell (Wix Arc)
Lucita Octans - MR Not Duck (Wix Arc)

BEWWIP : SQ1 (AF Mix) : Eigengrau : Analogical Force
Roy of the Ravers : Who Are Ya? : Who Are Ya? : Acid Waxa
Mat Carter : Venting Steam : Venting Steam : Varial
Nuron : In Motion : Likemind 06 : Likemind
Vulva : Birdwatch : Birdwatch : Rephlex
Ion Ludwig : IP Swing : Truth Only Exists In Paradise : Adam's Bite
Joel Brittain : Under My Skin : States Of Mind : Gated
Radioactive Man & Ben Pest : Old Tight : Old Tight Selektah : Asking For Trouble
X-Altera : Check Out The Bass : [untitled] : Ghostly International
Love Letters : Terraform : Your Go : Help
SPB Sound System : Doktor Odnazhdy : Oblachnost : Potential Move

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