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Area - Cellicos EP (FBD006), Fullbarr Digital
featuring remixes from Brendon Moeller, Davor, Brasswork Agency
available on .mp3 via Juno, Dance-Tunes, 7 Digital

Area - Cellicos EP (FB006), Fullbarr
featuring remixes from Brendon Moeller, Davor
available on 12" via Juno, Decks, Afterhourz
review: Afterhourz

Good sounds nice package !!!
DJ Hell (International Deejay Gigolo)

Loved the ambient bit... great for those late nitez.

Nice noisy sounds. Everything stays under the surface. Cool.
Gabriel Ananda (Persona, Treibstoff)

Deeep minimal loveliness --will play the original mix.
Laurent Garnier (F Com)

Very nice! Will play it!
Jennifer Cardini (Kompakt)

Nice one. I like the underground vibe of the tracks. This is definitely no follower of fashion.
Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware)

Nice.. we like the original!
Pol_On (Get Physical)

Hot release! Really feelin' the original, Moeller and Davor mixes. Full support!
Habersham (Bedrock)

Brendon always delivers!!
Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area, Bla Bla)

Most excellent trippiness.
Slam (Soma Quality Records)

Cool sneaky melody here. very cool, very calm, but simmering as well. diggin B's mix, Davor remix is smooth and pleasant, Brasswork adds some motion and wakes it up a lot, and its cool that this melody and texturing is presented ala carte. Nice one.
Kris Wadsworth (Morris Audio, NRK)

I really like the Ambient Bit.
Nihad Tule (Truesoul)

DJ Chloe (Kill The DJ, Robert Johnson)

Brendon Moeller mix is class... tons of atmosphere and just as much tension.. really timeless piece here. Full support!
Jonny White (Perspectiv)

Love this! Nice and dark, the Moeller and Davor remixes are wicked, will be playing alot. Thanks!!
Annie Errez (System UK)

Ambient Bit is a nice touch.
Andrew Grant (Plastic City, Unfoundsound)

Really like the melody on this one, original for me.
James Teej (Connect Four, Rebirth)

The Brasswork Agency remix does it for me.
Darius Syrossian (Viva)

Brendon Moeller mix and the ambient bit for me!
Nitin (No. 19)

Really digging the Brasswork Agency remix.
Stryke (Plastic City, Ovum)

Nice Moeller remix.
Dario Zenker (Vakant, Num)

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