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Lightness - Burning Mercury EP (SFV 07), Steadfast
available on 12" at Juno, Leila M, Deejay, Decks, Hardwax, Forced Exposure, Jetset, via Kompakt
available on .mp3 at Whatpeopleplay, Zero Inch, via Kompakt
reviews: Resident Advisor, Jetset

Agoria (Infine)

Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels)

Metal is a jam.
Seth Troxler (Spectral Sound)

Nice, lovely handclap in Metal (nerd producer comment) and I like the deep and dubby "Sand". Will be playing these.
Donnacha Costello (Minimise / Pokerflat)

(Metal) is super nice. Simple and effective, stuff you can play for a long time. Thanks for this...
Nick Höppner (My My / Playhouse)

Really like Metal. Will play. Thanks.
Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risquee)

I love Sand. Real real goodness.
Luke Solomon (Freaks / Music For Freaks)

Metal, yes!
Julien Veniel (D'Julz / Pokerflat)

Sand for me love the rolling b/line.
Mr G

Liking Metal here, looking forward to more of this partnership.
Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom / Crosstown Rebels)

Evil Eddie Richards

Chunky stuff. "Sand" is the one!

Metal is my favourite, I really like the synth work, will play this one for sure.
Kidkut (Immerse / Applepips)

I like both tracks in there - Very groovy and very moody.
Laurent Garnier

Sand is amazing love it... Charted.
Glimpse (Planet E)

Both tracks here are super great, got my support thanks!
Miss Jools (Sleeper Thief)

Metal is the one... it just bumps along in an awkward manor, then finds its way at 5 minutes with the slick hat arrangement. Yes.
Matthew Krysko (Warehouse Project)

Sparse, shimmering shoe shufflers.
Chris Duckenfield (Swag)

Metal will be a cool tool.
James Teej (Rekids)

Nice grooves - Sand is nice.
Orde Meikle (Slam)

Both are great! But i will play Metal.
Alex Jones (Hypercolour / Turbo / Viva)

Sand is the one for me.
K-Soul (Kinda Soul / Sistrum)

Holgar Behn (H.O.S.H / Diynamic / Kindisch)

Like the A side, great groove, will play it.
Matt Walsh (Turbo)

Mr Moeller delivers as standard! Feeling both these...

Groovy. (Metal) is my fav.
Xhin (Stroboscopic Artifacts)

Love it! Really solid and playable! Will look out for the vinyl.
Ed Davenport (Liebe*Detail)

Metal is a winner! Love it.
Jimpster (Freerange)

Nice deep dubby house music!
Kevin (Fine Cut Bodies)

'(Metal)' is ace!!! Thanks a lot for this one. Brendon Moeller galore!
Iron Curtis (Mule Musiq / Morris Audio)

I like Metal the best.
Kawabata (Drumpoet Community)

Good deep house.
Terence (Freak N Chic)

Metal is great! Total basement track that's dark and dirty and right where my heads at these days. Sand is beautiful too.
Billy Shane (Tronicsole)

Metal's a nice little tool.
George Levings Commix (Metalheadz)

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