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Area - Youth EP (Kimochi 2), Kimochi
featuring a remix from AntonZap
available on 12" at Gramaphone,, Bandcamp, Diskunion, HMV, Kristina, Jetset, Rakuten, Soundfinder, Store15Nov, Juno, Fade via Crosstalk
reviews: Resident Advisor, Infinite State Machine, Diskunion, De:bug, Gridface, 5 Magazine
video: Ajumas (AntonZap Version)

Sounds great.
MadTeo (Workshop)

Convextion (Down Low)

Love how these tracks sound. Not quite abrasive in all the right places, thick in all the rest. Ajumas is so lovely - soundtrack to my ish right now, perfect timing.
Lokua (Momentsound)

I just can't wait to have Hardplace on wax.
Pittsburgh Track Authority (Uzuri)

Sounds like the kind of thing Moodymann would get down to; I like it slow.
Slowerson (Podval)

Listening pleasure at coffee time.
Catalepsia (Days Of Being Wild)

Spine tingling Detroity deepness. This is HOT!
Rich Jones (Soma)

This has a total class feel with that deep shoescuffing vibe that makes evening hours roll on into the night smoothly. Lovely work mate!
Mr Squirrel

Really, really good shit here!
DJ Spider (Plan B)

Very nice tracks! I like Hardplace the most.
Richard Zepezauer (N-syde)

Very special ambience, once again it has a very "abstract" feel to it. Inventive... 100% Area-style.
Axs (Silent Season)

Sounds very nice, chilly deep house. This is what I like to play.
Lo Nath (Entropy)

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