Improvlotto : 2003.Mar.05 22:00 1hour set, Buddy Gallery, Chicago

Abfahrt Hinwil : The Light : Links Oben : Expanding
Async Sense : Biaural : Async Sense : Imbalance
Jefferson Airplane : Somebody To Love : Surrealistic Pillow : RCA Victor
Gescom : Bronchusix : Invisible Soundtracks : Leaf
Decepticon : Footsteps In The Fire : Lost Subject : Merck
Disjecta : Vistic : Invisible Soundtracks : Leaf
Lowfour : Ätintekorv : Repeatle : Forcelab
end of set 1

set 2:
Lowfour : Pälsärmord : Repeatle : Forcelab
Richard Devine : Anthracite T. Vari : Lily Of The Valley : Schematic
Björk : Unison : Vespertine : One Little Indian
Gescom : Minx : Dual Purpose : 30mil
DJ Krush : Supreme Team : Supreme Team : Red Ink
Antipop Consortium : Pit : The Ends Against The Middle : WARP
EOG : Yanck : Master : Djak Up Bitch
Mira Calix : Sandsings remixed by Boards Of Canada : Pin Skeeling : WARP
Amm : For Ute : Split Series : Fatcat
Merzbow : Tower Of Ghost : Split Series : Fatcat

Any evening you end up smelling of nicotine can't be all bad. Especially considering nicotine doesn't have any scent, right? 4 of the 5 improvisers showed up this eveing and our performance followed that of Tv Pow and some bizarre and captioned french film starring puppets in a past and alternate universe. Tv pow really utilized the full extent of the audible spectrum. The improvisation was uniformally well attended as were the proceeding acts. Overall a pretty fun night, even lugging the turntables (thanks Xanax) and the PA (thanks Akili) up two stories. Thanks also to DM Pecoraro and Koutaro for setting up this awesome opportunity, and to the whole French organization that provided free cheese and bread and wine and quiche. Very nice. Oh, and to all my dumb friends who didn't make it - hahaha! The food was cheap and plentiful and the music was deep and soulful.'upcoming' listing:
Buddy presents: live improvisation 2003.03.05we 18:00 including: Phil Plencer (live percussion), David Shino, m50 see 'local'
'local' listing:
2003.03.05we 18:00 Buddy live improvisation...
Phil Plencer (live percussion)
David Shino
@ Buddy
1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd floor