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Ransom 2003.Mar.07 22:00 240minutes @ Kompute Underground, Chicago

Surgeon : [a] : Waiting For Me : Counterbalance
Surgeon : [b1] : Waiting For Me : Counterbalance
Björk : Bachelorette (Alec Empire "The Ice Princess And The Killer Whale" Remix) : Bachelorette : One Little Indian
EOG : Egg dB : Master : Djak Up Bitch
Aphex Twin : 54 Cymru Beats - Argonaut Mix : Cock 10 /var : [blacklabel]
Squarepusher v Ceephax : Psultan - Squarepusher Mix : DOG059 : Rephlex
Something J : Mercedes Bentley vs Versace Armani - Nu Skool Rave Edit : Mercedes Bentley vs Versace Armani : WARP
I-F : Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass Extended 12" Version : Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass : Interdimensional Transmissions
Acustic : NO 2 (Bjørn Svin Electric Rave Remake) : NO 2 : April
Akufen : Deck The House : Deck The House : Force Inc.
Sylvie Marks + Hal9000 : Masturbation With Menstruation : We Electric : Bpitch Control
Bolz Bolz : Wake Up : Human Race : Longhaul

Big fun time. It's the best of both worlds, not a huge warehouse party but not a stuffy club either. Only downer was the uneven $ at the door, it *was* billed as a free show. Still, all seemed to have a good time with it; Joe DL played with Soultek during the first set, I think I tag-teamed with John Simmons, Tim Xavier and Gabe had a breathtaking 4 turntable set and everyone else except MMartin jumped on the tables at one point or another. Loud, dirty and obnoxiousinfectious.

upcoming listing:
Komputemusik presents: Random 2003.03.07fr featuring Matt Nee, Frankie Vega, Joe DL, Gabriel Palomo, Tim Xavier, John Simmons, m50, J Lunatic and Matthew Martin see 'local'

local listing:
2003.03.07fr 21:00-02:00 Kompute musik presents: Random
Matt Nee
Frankie Vega
Joe DL
Gabriel Palomo
Tim Xavier
John Simmons
J Lunatic
Matthew Martin
@ loft
2129 N Milwaukee