Experimental Dance Music : 2008.07.19sa 22:00 EET : 6hours : Rosegarden, Helsinki
OD Overdose v Kamikaze...
no setlist

Marcel Dettmann : 04 : MDR
Equalized : #1 : Equalized


live / dj

OD Overdose v Kamikaze v m50...
(m50 setlist):
Redshape : Plong (words side) : Plong : Millions Of Moments
Sven Weisemann : Kiss Of Abana : Mojuba

as I sit here the day after, drinking sambuca and pommac, I'm thinking that went pretty darn well. the girl dancing in the centre for my whole liveset with the face jewels / sparkles kept the vibe going. od overdose and kamikaze play some pretty progressive, high-energy stuff and I think juho almost killed himself playing so hard and so long for the second set of the day. it's a cozy, low-ceilinged catacomb and it wasn't packed but it was full enough and people really got into it. (no thanks to the guy who was trying to convince me that anything 4/4 doesn't count as experimental. there's one in every crowd) no recording afaik.

"Area käskytti kunnolla!
Varmaan parhaimpia settejä mitä oon koskaan kuullu."
(area was commanding! one of the best sets i've ever heard)