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etc 2021.01.08fr 22:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul; Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara; Sphere Radio, Leipzig
(rebroadcast 2021.01.10su 10:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago)

sunday warmup, selections from:

Cluster - Schöne Hände
Olo - Point
Iro Aka - Cycles
William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf
Die Orangen - Orange Munshine (Mungolian Jetset Mix)
Kiln - Mud Dauber
Alexander Polzin - Lighter
Aspetuck - Bits
Traumer - Cookie
iota - Timelink
Forest Drive West - Dune
Aspetuck - Emuloop 2
Art Of Trance - Swarm
Pigon - Promises
Roman Fluegel - Pattern Three
rRoxymore - Soleil Synthetique
Adam Stroemstedt & Jase - It Remains As a Topic Over
Aspetuck - Flimsy
Oliver Hacke - Walk In The Woods
Katie Drover - Something Other
Lawrence - Chez Dupont
Conoley Ospovat - Time To Close
Lusine - Rubberbands (Dirty Mix)
LNZNDRF - Beneath The Black Sea
K-Lone - Sine Language
Aspetuck - Rescue Mission
Tys - For You
Suzanne Kraft - DJ Safety Track
HVL - u0802 (MX2)
Aspetuck - The Bees Came Back
Jeigo - Far Away
Ewan Jansen - Mussel Hustle
Aspetuck - Arboretum
Roza Terenzi - That Track (Rewired Mix)
Bambounou - Hale
Area - Still Moving Away
Reptant - Ectoplastic
Kiyadama - Slammbeat
Voin Oruwu - Liquid Life Form
Inga Mauer - I've Nothing to Say
Symonenko - Bardakan
Dewemer - Four Times Left
Aspetuck - Snkanon

Speedy J - Symmetry—[Warp]
Norma Jean Bell  - I'm The Badddest Bitch (Bassino Dub Mix)—[F Communications]
Klark Cat -- Gumbo—[Toko Records]
Soul Reductions - A Rose Is A Roseâ—[Take Away]
Problem Kids - Â Miles Away (Two Bit Whore Mix)—[Paper Recordings]
Black Jazz Chronicles - Do The Positiive —[Nuphonic]
Rocket - People (Jeno's Stormy Weather MMix)—[Greyhound Recordings]
Silverlining - Two Nuts Short Off A Wrongan—[Wrong]
Housey Doingz - 4th Piano—[Wigglggle]
Dimbiman - Good Morning, Eyeball—[Perlon]
Unknowwn - 4—[OGE]
Earth Trax - I Gave You Everything—[LosLost Palms]
Granny - Rich Tea—[Seismic]
K-Hand - Baby All I Want—[Ausfahrt]

thanks to mum & dad, kevmachine, spacedogjaxx, ray_rod, k-rad, mcfiredrill, lexstein, elina victoria, temporarycorrespondence, multipara, aspetuckmusic, vjtronics, dubpirate240, eva, mason, lokua, aguila for tuning in