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etc 2021.01.15fr 22:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul; Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara; Sphere Radio, Leipzig
(rebroadcast 2021.01.17su 10:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago)

friday night warmup, selections from:

sunday morning warmup, selections from:
D'Arcangelo : Shipwreck : Rephlex

m50 ...
Gutevolk : Planetarium : Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbow : Noble
Ryuichi Sakamoto : Robot [live] : Year Book 1985-1989 : Commmons

Decha - Niebla (Tapan Remix) [Malka Tuti]
Nicola Cruz - Espiritu (Dreems Digi-Dub-Dub-Dub) [Multi Culti]
Mytron & Ofofo - Aeolian Research [Multi Culti]
Rubin Steiner - This Tempo Kills Facism [For Beirut]
Brigitte Fontaine - Ah Que La Vie Est Belle (Jacques Bon Remix) [Hippie Dance]
Mildlife - Automatic (Psychemagik Remix) [Heavenly Records]
Michael Stearns - Toto, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore [Emotional Rescue]
Mettabbana - Latlal [YNFND]
Golden Bug - Tamba (Multi Culti Remix) [Multi Culti]
Zillas On Acid - She Takes NRG (Khidja Remix) [Les Disques De La Mort]
Azu Tiwaline - Berbeka [IOT Records]
Mathimidori - Yoto [Ornaments]
A Made Up Sound - Peace Offering [A Made Up Sound]
Shawn Rudiman - TimeFrame 2 [Pittsburgh Tracks]
Fluxion - Origin [Echocord]
Earth Trax - Lights On [Shall Not Fade]
Barker - Gradient Of Bliss [Ostgun Ton]
Progetto Tribale - Behaviour 2020 (Donato Dozzy & Peter Micioni Remix) [Danza Tribale]
Dorisburg - House Organ For The Lonely [Phonica]
Nthng - I Just Am [Lobster Theremin]
Nicola Cruz - Ripple [Optimo Music]
Alex Smoke - Remembered ii [Optimo Music]

Gys : Tyrants (Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape) : Tyrants : De'fchild Productions
Mu Tate : Ultima Resonance : Let Me Put Myself Together : Experience Ltd
Anxiety Support Group : [untitled] : 09 : Cong Burn

Funes + Sebastian Nogga...
no setlist

sunday afternoon wind-down:
DJ Paradise
Piper Spray : Drugstore Phones : Gost Zvuk
Shielding : Ense : Kimochi Sound
King Krule : The Ooz : XL
Kilchhofer : The Book Room : Marionette
Blatter : Leaves : Lux Nigra
Freund Der Familie : Panorama Mixes : Freund Der Familie
The Famous Boyfriend : Making Love All Night Wrong : 555
Manuel Delgado : Freeze : Tru Thoughts

thanks to mum & dad, lexstein, amy, jake hopes, msb, lgcc, kevmachine, danyo206, lisafreak, sr388, aspetuck, g belle, dubpirate240, eric the catluvver, mason, molly k, multipara, mascrujiente, k-rad, lightning_buug for tuning in