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etc 2021.02.05fr 22:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul; Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara; Sphere Radio, Leipzig
(rebroadcast 2021.02.07su 10:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago)

sunday morning warmup, selections from:
Pub : The Bunker Sessions : Art Union
Chris De Luca : Unknown : Musik Aus Strom
Cristian Vogel : Rebirth Of Wonky : Endless Process

L.P.S.S., Wolfgang Amadidas, Space Dog Jaxx, Wiggle...
no setlists

The Durutti Column : Future Perfect : Fidelity : Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Pole : Tangente : Fading : Mute
AKSK : Special Times & Places : Things We Do : Running Back

sunday afternoon wind-down:
Casino Versus Japan : Echo Counting : Casino Versus Japan
Radiohead : Kid A : EMI

thanks mum & dad, space dog jaxx, mason, r.ss, aguila, ray_rod, ovenrake, danyo206, heaveniseverywhere, grotch_east, kittykatgoesmoo, dauragon, o2os, kira, mcfiredrill, kevmachine, mascrujiente, k-rad, amy, susanaeh, multipara, drkiosk, wiggle, treadmix, molly k, temporarycorrespondence, g belle, eugenia for choooonin; congratulations to kat on winning the contest