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etc 2021.01.29fr 22:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul; Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara; Sphere Radio, Leipzig
(rebroadcast 2021.01.31su 10:00 @ Groove Cafe, Boston; Main Drain Studios, Chicago)

friday night warmup, selections from:
Team LG : The Way We Do It : Kennington

sunday morning warmup, selections from:
Bibio : Phantom Brickworks IV / V : WARP
Andrew Haines
Pet Shop Boys : Actually : Parlophone
New Order : Bizarre Love Triangle : Total : Rhino
Sylvan Esso + Flock Of Dimes : Don't Dream It's Over

Eric Peyer...
Aaron Dilloway : It's Not Alright : The Gag File : Dias Records
Black to Comm : Licking the Fig Tree : Seven Horses for Seven Kings : Thrill Jockey
HKE : Live Nourmena : K : Dream Catalogue
The Knife : A Cherry On Top : Shaking The Habitual : Brille Records
Cluster : Pias : Cluster II : Lilith
Maurizio Abate : Secondo Dialogo : Dialoghi Nel Vuoto : Soave
Emeralds : Passing Away : Emeralds : Hanson
Bennie Maupin : Excursion : The Jewel of the Lotus : ECM Records
The Mekons : Ugly Bethesda : Ancient & Modern : Bloodshot Records
Arnold Dreyblatt : Bow and Arrow : Nodal Excitation : Dexter's Cigar
Pinkcourtesyphone : Singularity Version (Yves De Mey... : Please Pick Up : IO SOUND
Plaster : Primal : Mainframe : Kvitnu
Anjou : Inclosed : Anjou : Kranky
A Silver Mt. Zion : The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes : Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward : Constellation
Mary Lattimore : Til A Mermaid Drags You Under : Silver Ladders : Ghostly International
Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends : Niagara : FRKWYS Vol. 14 - Nue : Rvng Intl.
Marnie : A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night : Strange Worlds and Weird Wars : Pinata Records
Imaginary Softwoods : The Imminent Collapse Department : Annual Flowers in Color : Amethyst Sunset
Bitchin Bajas : Asian Carp : Bitchin Bajas : Drag City

Item "L'Ordre des Choses mix"...
no setlist

Naked Nuras Loves Rave "The Experience of lost in time of COVID19 mix"
1.Nach Dem Sturm - Naked Nuras Loves Rave [NNLR]
1a.Nothing To (To be Release 3Q-2021)- Matthias Kispert
2.Resin - Shoestring
3.Paradigm 9[Galos]((A1008)Unreleased-2020)) - NNLR
3a.Entry to the Desert(To Be Release 01/15/2021) - NNLR
4.Pyrean - Paul Prudence
4a.Redux-Nothing To (To be Release 3Q-2021)- Matthias Kispert
5.Tristar Tonends - NNLR
5a.Birth of Concrete Geology - NNLR
6.Low Versel - NNLR
7.Semblance - Shoestring
8.Hinden Gutenberg - Naked Nuras Loves Rave
9.To those that depend on Meme - Shoestring
9a.Chaos CAN - NNLR
10. Amtrac has it lV - NNLR
11. Semblance - Shoestring
12. Control - NNLR
13. Sci-tint - Paul Prudence
14. Project Gutenberg II - Naked Nuras Loves Rave

thanks amy, k-rad, dad, eric, ray_rod, antiphase, kiddo, molly k, dr spaz, msb, multipara, kevmachine, mike r, treadmix, lightning_buug, mason, dubpirate240, g belle, mascrujiente, vjtechtonics for choooonin, congratulations to mason for winning the contest