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etc 2021.04.30fr 22:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago; Main Drain Studios, Chicago, Sphere Radio, Leipzig; Internet Public Radio, Guadalajara
etc 2021.04.30fr 23:00 @ Datafruits, Seoul
(rebroadcast 2021.05.02su 10:00 @ Wax n' Cats, Chicago; Main Drain Studios, Chicago)

Friday night warmup, selections from:
Aphex Twin : Drukqs : WARP
Blunted Breaks Vol 2 : Western Lore

Panoram "Panoram presents "Social Constructions (Occupation)""...
no setlist

Matthew Mercer...
Ana Roxane: Untitled (Because of a Flower, Kranky 2020)
Lyra Pramuk: Witness (Fountain, Border Community 2020)
Yui Onedera: Ray 1 (Ray, Serein 2020)
Matthew Mercer: Broken Motorway (Nocturnalism, Bandcamp 2021)
Ahnnu: Y2525 (Pattern Play, Bandcamp 2020)
Speaker Music: Ex-American Blues (Soul-Making Theodicy, Planet µ 2021)
Shmu: Sapien Stimulation Theory (Meaning Borne Of The Stories We Tell Each Other) (The Universe Is Inside My Body, Orange Milk 2021)
Ploy: Clubtek (Unlit Signals, L.I.E.S. 2020)
Gabor La¡za¡r: Effort (Source, Planet µ 2020)
Innode: BBSH (Syn, Editions Mego 2021)
Lorn & Dolor: The Woods (Zero Bounce, Wednesday Sound 2020)
GES: GonnaDieWithMyHammerInMyHand (Anthology of American Pop Music, Faitiche 2020)
Ian Wellman: (34.104112, -118.2425538) (The House That Ate Itself, Bandcamp 2020)
Geneva Skeen: Mirror Glimpse (Double Bind, room40 2020)
Jacaszek: Bones (Gardenia, Touch 2020)
Aki Onda & Nao Nishihara: Tamashii (Kouya-e-to, Ftarri 2020)
Matthew Mercer: Gravel Tundra (Nocturnalism, Bandcamp 2021)
Chad Mossholder: Listening In (Receiver, Somewherecold 2020)
Drew McDowall: Agalma I (Folding) (Agalma, 2020 Houndstooth)
pinkcourtesyphone: temporal extravagance (Leaving Everything to Be Desired, room40 2020)
FUJ|||||||||TA: keshiki (iki, 2020)
Claire Chase: Five Empty Chambers (Density 2036: Part IV, Corbet vs. Dempsey 2020)
Peter Brozmann & Bill Laswell: Curved Dog (Low Life, Celluloid 1987)
Einstuzende Neubauten: Mikroben (Strategies Against Architecture, Mute 1984)
Jake Muir: red as the print of a kiss (the hum of your voice, Sferic 2020)
Cleared: Cleared (Cleared, Immune 2011)
Jeremiah Cymerman & Charlie Looker: The Ecstasy of Betrayal (A Horizon Made of Canvas, Astral Spirits 2021)
Bill Nace: Part 3 (Both, Drag City 2020)
Robert Turman: Pipe Dream (Chapter Eleven (1976-1987), Corbett vs. Dempsey 2020)
Matthew Mercer: Polylocation (Nocturnalism, Bandcamp 2021)
Scanner: Clustal (Accretions, Staalplaat 1996)

TVO : A Tarot For Sietse van Erve Pt 1 : 44 x 44 Orphax Reworked : Moving Furniture
Wanderwelle : Exile : A State Of Decrepitude : A Strangely Isolated Place
Casino Versus Japan : Not Dreaming : Suicide By Sun : Casino Versus Japan
Robert Lippok & Kaan Bulak : Kubus V : Kubus : Feral Note
Emptyset : Function Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter Variation) : Demiurge Variations : Subtext
ANMA : Harm Osc 6 : Batch 0012 : SM-LL
Mucha : [2] : Postcard
Ulf Lohmann : [7] : Because Before : Kompakt
Elif Yalivac : Toxic Cloud : 44 x 44 Orphax Reworked : Moving Furniture
Gimmik : Patching Shadows : Cloudwalker : n5MD

Sunday afternoon cool-down, selections from:
Terry Riley : Le Secret de la Vie : Philips
Aphex Twin : Drukqs : WARP
Sim Hutchins : I Am Cringe, But I Am Free
Terekke : Plant Age : L.I.E.S.
EOD : Named : bbbbbb
Gimmik : Cloudwalker : n5MD
ZULI : All Caps : UIQ

thanks to ray_rod, mum & dad, lexstein, dweeb on the beat, kevmachine, dj lgcc, phonaut, shazam bangles, kat, conoley, lisafreak, ovenrake, amy, r.ss, vjtechtonics, geneva, lokua, agents of the culture industry for tuning

live version contains elements from No Time | Mark Fisher | Virtual Futures 2011, William Gibson "The Peripheral" / Politics and Prose, Bladerunner 2049